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100% Private Personal Training Studios & Mobile Trainers in All Gold Coast Suburbs. More results from less time GUARANTEED!

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"We guarantee you more results from less time than any other Gold Coast Personal Trainer or Gym!"
Lose weight, tone up and regain the energy to keep up!

Fitness Enhancement Personal Training Studios

Business Type: Personal Trainer

Fitness Enhancement Personal Training Studios - Gold Coast

Telephone: 07 5596 6617
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About Fitness Enhancement Personal Training Studios

Our Personal Training Studios are 100% private.  Its just you and your Personal Trainer in your own fully equipped and air-conditioned, 100% private, Personal Training room. 

Unlike other Gold Coast Personal Training Studios and Gyms, you will NEVER have to wait for equipment and you will NEVER have to work out in front of sweaty strangers! Its just you, your Personal Trainer and real results!
If you prefer the ultimate in convenience, your Personal Trainer can come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast from Tweed to Logan.  We are the largest Personal Training company on the Gold Coast and we have Personal Trainers within five minutes of every suburb, so we do not charge extra to come to you. Visit our mobile Gold Coast Personal Training page to see how easy it can be.

The great news is you've already started to achieve your goals by visiting our site, so you probably have a lot of questions.

Here's the answers to the four most commonly asked Personal Training questions
1. No, you will not feel too sore and we will never give you exercises you don't like. We guarantee you will love every session.
2. Yes, one Personal Training session a week really is often all it takes to achieve your goals. 
3. No, we are not expensive, our Personal Trainers are about 20% cheaper than other Gold Coast Personal Trainers and we are better value than a Gym membership.
4. Yes, you can find time!
A lack of time is on par with a lack of motivation for the top reason people dont exercise. Solving these two issues is our specialty - we can get you real results in a short time so you can fit training into your busy schedule, and because you can feel and see real results, you will also be motivated to continue. 

Over the last decade we have helped thousands of Gold Coasters look and feel the best they have felt for years, without having to live at the Gym and eat rabbit food.  Most of these people were just like you After a long day at work or with the kids they couldnt be bothered going to a boring Gym packed full of people half their size strutting their stuff, but have a look at them now!
If you can relate to this, our Personal Trainers are for you. You are never too old, too unfit or too overweight to start. If it's been a few years or even a few decades since youve exercised your Personal Trainer will be there, one on one, every step of the way.  They will create a light, safe and enjoyable program around any medical issues you may have. 

Unlike at a Gym or a ladies only circuit centre you will be treated as an individual, so you will never do same workout as anyone else and you will never be given boring, painful or embarrassing exercises.
If youre already in good shape but a bored or fed up with Gyms, your Personal Trainer will take you through dozens of new and exciting exercises you've never seen before to give you the hardest workout of your life.  We've had some of our clients for ten years and they have still never done the same workout twice.  We're still finding new ways to train them and take their fitness to the next level.
If you're not motivated, your Personal Trainer will motivate you.  Thats what we're there for! Your Personal Trainer will make sure you do those last two reps you'd never do on your own, congratulate you on your fastest time, answer all your questions, help you any time you call and quiz you on what you ate Friday night!  We'll even give you a free food and exercise to keep you on track.

If you were motivated enough to visit our website, you're motivated enough to fill out the free consultation form. One of our Personal Trainers will contact you provide you with everything else you'll need.


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